Shop Days #1 • Trick E-Bikes

Success from the sidewalks of Hermosa Beach

Si Pocock
Oct 26, 2023
Trick e-bikes bicycle shop with ClintTrick e-bikes bicycle shop with Clint

"I lost my job to covid. I thought, what am I gonna do?" That's where Clint, the heart and soul of Hermosa Beach's Trick E-Bikes, found himself. With his last four unemployment checks, Clint made a daring move. He bought four bikes, put them up for sale on a sidewalk, and by the end of the weekend, they were all gone.

This spark ignited a wildfire of success. Each weekend Clint sold more and more bikes, growing his inventory to a robust 150. "Oh my God, this is great. Now I have like 150 bikes... I have a full rental fleet in the back... Everybody's always happy."

Inspired by Clint's story? Visit Trick Electric Bikes in Hermosa Beach. Whether you're looking to purchase, customize, or rent an e-bike, Clint and his team are ready to assist you with genuine knowledge and passion.

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