Friends of Sundays

Meet the Friends of Sundays—cyclists and advocates who embody the spirit of our brand. When you get a quote or coverage through one of our esteemed ambassadors, a referral fee goes back to support them.



Mountain biker that enjoys making relatable content
"My goal with my content is to make mountain biking feel more approachable and inclusive. I want to break down barriers and make it accessible for all."


Foft (Caliradokid)

YouTube and Instagram personality, mountain biking guru
Joe brings humor and high-octane adventure to the mountain biking world. Known for his big jokes and even bigger rides, he's a vibrant force in the online cycling community.



Pro Cyclist, Author, Entertainer
Phil isn't just about climbing hills; he's also about elevating the cycling community. A true advocate for road safety and clean sport.

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Photograph of Santa Monica Bicycle event