Insuring Your E-Bike

What Every Electric Rider Needs to Know

Jimmy Spokes
Oct 26, 2023
Two E-bikes parked on pavementTwo E-bikes parked on pavement

Whether you ride because it’s the fastest way to get to work, or the best way to spend a day with friends, or because you just need to pedal to make sense of the world, your e-bike matters a lot. (Maybe even more than some of the people you know, but don’t tell them that.)

Jokes aside, your e-bike is important, and it ain’t cheap. Which is why you need the right kind of insurance cover to keep yours safe.

So what do you need to make the best decision when it comes to your e-bike insurance?

1. You need more than homeowners and renters insurance

Homeowners and renters insurance is great cover for your couch or TV but it’s not the best option for your e-bike. In fact, it can often leave you uncovered in situations when you need cover the most:

  • If your e-bike is stolen from outside of your home, you might not be covered;
  • If your e-bike is damaged during a race, you might not be covered;
  • If your e-bike is damaged in transit on the way to your vacation or new home, you might not be covered; and
  • If your e-bike is stolen or damaged, you might not be insured to its full value.

That’s really not good enough, if you ask us. It’s better to choose insurance from people who know about cycling – people who love their own bikes as much as you love yours.  

2. You need to tick the three boxes of reliable cycling insurance

Authenticity — you wouldn’t buy a chef’s knife from a fishing and tackle store so don’t get cycling insurance from people who don’t cycle. Trust only those insurance providers who sell a product that they both understand and rely on themselves.

Transparency — steer clear from insurance providers that don’t have consistent fee structures or demand upfront premiums.

Trust — choose a provider who knows what it means to be without their bike and who will work hard to ensure you don’t have to struggle when it comes to taking out cover – and making a claim when the need arises.

3. You need custom-designed cycling insurance

Bicycle insurance should cover the unique needs of cyclists (including your cycling kit, gadgets, and extra battery pack).

So what are these needs exactly? It depends, of course, but for most cyclists it should include:

Medical payments – are you covered by your insurance provider for emergency medical payments? What happens if you come off your bike and you need an x-ray or stitches? You should be covered for that.

Bike rack basics – ever tried to park your car in the garage or pulled into an underground car park only to remember a little too late that your bike is on your car roof? It’s one of those face-palm moments that cannot be reversed, no matter how many times you think back to it. Your cycling insurance should cover your bike when it’s on a bike rack.

Domestic travel – maybe it’s a vacation or a work trip or you’re moving cities, but you should have cover for your e-bike if it’s coming along for the ride. Whether by airplane, train, ship or truck, be sure to get cover when your bike is in transit with the US.

Custom parts and upgrades – if you pimp your ride, you should be covered for the upgrades, like carbon handlebars or a dropper seatpost.

Theft from home and away – it’s one thing being covered if your e-bike is stolen from your home but what if someone takes it from the public library or outside your workplace or wherever you’ve needed to park it? Get covered for theft no matter where you are.

Accidental damage – are you covered for repairs or replacement if your e-bike is damaged?

If your insurance provider can’t give you what you need or doesn’t know the differences between Class 1, 2 and 3 e-bikes, then it’s time to say goodbye.

Best move on and find your people. People who know about bikes. People who respect that beautiful relationship between you and your two wheels. Happy cycling.

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