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Register. Protect. Recover.

Register and protect your ride with Project 529 — Supported by Sundays

Unlock protection and recovery benefits

Deter thieves

Registering your bike acts as a significant deterrent against theft. When thieves know that a bike is registered, its chances of being stealthily resold diminish greatly, as its details are recorded and can be easily traced.

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Out-of-home coverage

Ease of recovery

Registered bikes have a significantly higher recovery rate. If the unfortunate happens, being in the 529 Garage gives you a fighting chance to get your bike back.

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Community support

Being part of a registered network like Project 529's Garage brings you into a vast community of cyclists and law enforcement agencies committed to reducing bike theft.

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Empowering cyclists together

Sundays supports Project 529 to elevate community bicycle protection.

Project 529 is a digital platform designed to significantly reduce bicycle theft through a system of registration and community engagement, making bikes less attractive to thieves and more likely to be recovered if stolen.

Our partnership with Project 529 empowers our customers by providing them with advanced tools and a supportive community to protect their bikes — embodying our commitment to cyclist safety and peace of mind.

Project 529

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Benefits for Sundays policyholders

Streamlined claims journey

Registering with Project 529 simplifies support from Sundays, enhancing efficiency in assistance and claim processing.

Empowerment through extended community

The partnership broadens your access to a collaborative network of community stores and cyclists, fostering a safer and more interconnected cycling experience.

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