Our Favorite Bicycle & E-bike Trails in Houston

Our list of the best trails

Mia Trailsmith
Feb 13, 2023
E-bike parked next to a bicycle pathE-bike parked next to a bicycle path

Our Favorite Cycling Trails for MTBs, Family Rides, and E-bikes

As the saying goes, "Everything's bigger in Texas" - and that includes the opportunities for adventure, especially in Houston. There's simply no better way to explore your city and immerse yourself in your community than by hopping on a bike.

Here's our list of the best trails for mountain bikers, families, and e-bikers that avoid motorists and are appropriate for various skill levels. Whether you want to go on a quick morning ride or spend the whole day exploring over 30 miles of greenways, we've got your back.

The Best Trails for Mountain Bikers 

Cypress Creek Trail

This 9.4-mile trail is ideal for intermediate and advanced cyclists looking for a bit of a challenge. It includes diverse technical riding, jumps, ramps, and drops along with portions of flowy tracks. Most of the trail is shady, so it's perfect for summer rides. 

The trail is closed when it rains to prevent soil erosion, and if you do go after the rain, remember to bring your bug spray to ward off mosquitos. 

Lake Houston Loop

This challenging 10-mile loop is a great way to spend six hours of your day. Wind through cypress swamps, sandy sections, and along the banks of Peach and Caney Creeks under the dense trees. Then join the Ameri-Trail to continue through a scenic forest along an old swamp. 

Jack Brooks Park

Enjoy a 5.6-mile twisty singletrack that's great for beginners and advanced cyclists alike. Many of the technical features like log rides and teeter-totters offer optional ride-arounds, making this trail perfect for novice riders who want to improve their skills and build their confidence. 

The Best Bike Trails for Family Rides

Buffalo Bayou Trail

Also called the Sandy Reed Memorial Trail, this 15-mile fully paved trail takes you on a scenic route through Houston's parks, giving you a chance to enjoy the great outdoors in an urban environment. 

There are multiple access points with parking lots or street parking, so you can do as much of the trail as you want. After your ride, you can rent a kayak or canoe near Sabine Street Bridge, have lunch at one of the restaurants or food trucks, or take the kids to the Barbara Fish Daniel Nature Play Area.

Terry Hershey Park

There's something for everyone at Terry Hershey Park, with more than 10 miles of asphalt, dirt, and grass trails on offer. Following along the banks of the Buffalo Bayou, the park is ideal for a relaxing day with a post-ride picnic. 

If relaxing isn't really your thing, you can connect to the George Bush Park Trail on the west side and add another 11 miles to your trip.

Spring Creek Greenway Trail

There's no better way to escape the bustle of the city than with a 14.6-mile ride along Spring Creek that connects you to six Harris County parks. This mixed-use path is popular with cyclists, hikers, and joggers. 

The western part of the trail takes you through Hadley Valley, where you'll ride through woodlands, savanna, and wetlands and maybe even spot a bald eagle, osprey or bobcat.

The Best Bike Trails for E-bikes

White Oak Bayou Trail

The White Oak Bayou Trail is one of the longest uninterrupted trails you can find in Houston, making this 17-mile ride immensely popular with e-bike riders. Except for a couple of overpasses that go over the path, most of the ride is quiet, peaceful and filled with nature. 

In September, city officials announced that the missing link between the White Oak Bayou Trail and the MKT Trail would be connected, so e-bikers have almost 5 additional miles to look forward to.

Brays Bayou Hike & Bike Trail

At just over 30 miles, this is the longest greenway in the city - and it's perfect for e-bikers. The trail winds along the bayou through various neighborhoods, attractions, and recreational facilities that make it ideal for a full day of adventuring. 

You can access the trail from the city's METRO rail or park your car at any of the parks along the route.

Memorial Park Hike and Bike Trails  

One of the biggest urban parks in Texas, Memorial Parks offers various trails, totaling over 30 miles. The most popular is a 3-mile ride around the main loop, and from there, you can ride down Memorial Park and link up with the Buffalo Bayou Trail. 

If you want to stay in Memorial Park, there are many color-coded trails that offer different terrains for a range of e-ebikebikers, cyclists, and mountain bikers of all skill levels.

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