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What we cover

Get coverage that's as versatile as your cycling lifestyle.
Theft from and away from home

Getting your bike stolen is just about the worst thing that can happen, but don’t worry - we cover theft from and away from your home.

Accidental damage

Whether it's a high speed crash or a coffee stop tumble, we’ll get you back on your bike either by repairing your bicycle or replacing the damaged parts.

Custom parts and upgrades

We love upgrades and gadgets as much as you do. Insure custom parts fitted to your bicycle, such as upgraded carbon handlebars or a dropper seatpost.

Transporting your bicycle on a bike rack

If you regularly transport your bicycle on your roof, chances are that someday you'll forget it's up there while driving into your garage. We've done it ourselves. Don’t worry, we cover your bicycle when you transport it on your car.

Medical payments

If you have an accident and have a valid claim on your bicycle, we’ll pay up to $1,000 for out-of-pocket emergency medical expenses, like ambulance costs, x-rays or getting stitched up after a crash. This does not apply to non-emergency costs like physiotherapy.
Not available in New York

Domestic travel with your bicycle

Traveling with your bicycle on an airline, ship, train, or truck? No stress. We can cover your bicycle for loss or damage in transit anywhere in the US.

Malicious damage

If your bicycle gets damaged either by a thief trying to steal it or a vandal, we’ll cover the costs to repair it to its previous condition.

Taxi fare reimbursement

If you’ve had an accident and are unable to ride your bike home, we’ll reimburse you up to $75 of your transportation cost to get you to the nearest public transport station, bicycle repair shop or your home - whichever is nearer.

Comprehensive coverage

From local races to worldwide adventures
Icon Worldwide or Globe
Optional worldwide coverage

Traveling outside of the US with your bicycle? Add our optional worldwide coverage for up to 90 days while abroad. Enjoy stress-free travel and riding with your bicycle while on your trip.

Icon Route
Optional racing and event coverage

Select racing & event coverage to insure your bicycle if the damage is caused by a specific incident, crash, impact, or road hazard while taking part in a race or event.

Icon new for old
Optional lifetime new for old

If you cover your bicycle within 60 days of purchasing it new, select lifetime new for old and we’ll replace your bicycle, item or part with a new item of the same make and model (or the nearest equivalent) with no depreciation applied.

Icon Wheel
Optional accessories and additional wheelsets

Cover your accessories (such as your cycling helmet, GPS, or bicycle lights) and extra racing wheels. You can also insure the kit you’re wearing while you ride.

Icon Bicycle
Replacement bicycle hire

If you’ve selected worldwide or racing & event coverage, we’ll reimburse you up to $300 to rent a bicycle if a covered loss occurs seven days or less before you participate in a cycling race or event, if we can’t for some unlikely reason get your bicycle sorted in time.

Icon Event entry users
Event entry reimbursement

If you’ve selected our racing & event coverage, we’ll reimburse your event entry fee up to $500 for any cycling race or event that you’ve entered but cannot compete in due to injuries you sustained in a covered loss to your bicycle.

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Think homeowners & renters insurance has your E-bike fully covered? Think again.

Out-of-home coverage

Out-of-home coverage

Homeowners & renters insurance is designed to do what the name says - cover the standard contents of your home, in your home.

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While it may provide partial coverage for items taken out of the home, homeowners & renters insurance is unlikely to cover your e-bike for theft away from home, if you crash while riding or racing, and damage or loss while in transit.

We cover your e-bike while it’s locked at home, out on the town, for damage while you’re riding or racing, in-transit in the US, and even worldwide if you activate this optional coverage.

Value for money

Value for money

While homeowners & renters insurance may provide some coverage for your e-bike, there may be limitations to the value they insure, and they’re unlikely to cover many of the situations unique to cycling.

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Our insurance has been custom-designed to give you comprehensive coverage suited to your needs, while maintaining a competitive price. Plus, if you decide this coverage isn’t for you, you can cancel within the 14-day cooling-off period. No questions asked, no penalties.

Unlike most homeowners & renters insurance policies, we don’t increase your premiums if you claim.

Accessories coverage

Accessories coverage

As cyclists ourselves, we know that if it's not on Strava, it didn’t happen - so you’ll want to cycle with your cycling trip computer, heart rate monitor, the latest GPS or even a GoPro.

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You’re only as fast as you look, so we can cover your cycling kit and your extra battery pack that your homeowners & renters insurance might not cover.

Superfast claims handling

Superfast claims handling

As a specialist insurer, we’re not sorting through the many types of claims that may arise for homeowners & renters insurers - we’re dedicated to you and your e-bike!

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Our team consists of ex-bike mechanics, retired pros, and enthusiast cyclists who are ready to get you back on the saddle as fast as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need e-bike insurance?

Without insurance, if your e-bike is damaged or stolen, repairing or replacing it will have to come from your own pocket - and as cyclists ourselves, we know that e-bikes don’t come cheap.

Many cyclists think their e-bike is fully covered under their homeowners & renter insurance. They may only find out they’re not sufficiently covered when it’s time to claim, and by that point it’s too late.

Most homeowners & renters policies have low limits on coverage for sporting equipment (like e-bikes). Along with low limits, they rarely provide coverage if you have an accident or your e-bike is stolen away from home.

To find out how well your e-bike is covered under your homeowners & renters insurance policy, here are some questions you can ask your current or potential homeowners & renters insurer:

  • Do you cover my e-bike for theft away from home?
  • Do you provide coverage for e-bikes for their full value?
  • Do you insure my e-bike for accidental and malicious damage?
  • Do you provide coverage for racing?
  • Do you provide coverage for traveling with my e-bike?
What types of e-bikes do you cover?

You'll be happy to know we cover all class 1, 2 and 3 e-bikes.

For the purposes of this policy, the definition of ‘e-bikes’ includes electric ‘pedal assist’ bicycles as approved by your applicable state or federal legislation.

1. Class 1: Equipped with a motor that helps you move only while pedaling. Once you reach 20 miles per hour, you're on your own and all electric assistance stops.

2. Class 2: Equipped with a motor that if you engage the throttle, you will get moving without having to pedal yourself. But, once you reach 20 miles per hour, it is up to you to keep the electric bicycle moving without assistance.

3. Class 3: Equipped with a motor that helps you move only while pedaling. Once you reach a speed of 28 miles per hour, you're on your own and all electric assistance stops. This bicycle is also equipped with a speedometer.

For all of the above the maximum power output is 750 watts. Manufacturers and distributors of electric bicycles are required to apply a class identification label to each electric bicycle which comes in handy.

We don’t cover bicycles fitted with internal combustion engines or other sources of power assistance. Furthermore, we don't offer coverage for self-made or homemade e-bikes. While it's cool, we cannot insure a retrofitted regular road bike or mountain bike.

Please note that you have to make sure that you comply with your state’s laws regarding electric bicycles.

Will my e-bike still be covered if I use it to race?

Absolutely! You simply need to add optional racing coverage to your e-bike insurance policy to ensure it’s covered during races and sportives.

Is my e-bike covered if it gets damaged while I travel?

You bet it is! When travelling within the US we've got you covered when you take your ride with you and it gets damaged. Domestic travel coverage is automatically included in your insurance policy, so pack up, rack up and go.

We even offer coverage when you travel abroad! Worldwide travel coverage is an OPTIONAL EXTRA and is not a standard addition to your policy, so, this needs to be added to your policy.

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