Got Strava Perks?

Strava Paid Subscriber benefits you probably didn’t know about.

Laura Pedalton
May 17, 2023
Male cyclist on a path with green grass around himMale cyclist on a path with green grass around him

Strava is often described as the social media for fit people, but did you know that it offers so much more than a way to compare your ride to your mates? Paid Strava subscribers have access to benefits from Sundays Insurance at no extra cost. These benefits include accidental device damage while tracking a cycling activity, an event fee as well as a ride-share reimbursement. All you have to do is to activate these perks.


What exactly are the perks? 

  1. Device coverage: we’ll cover up to $600 for the replacement or repair of your device if it gets damaged while tracking your ride. 
  2. Ride-share: If your bike suffers a mechanical while out riding and you need a lift back home, we’ll reimburse up to $50 ride-share. 
  3. Race entry fee reimbursement: Missing a run because you’re sick or injured is no fun. Sundays Insurance has your back and will pay up to $100 back to cover the event entry costs.

What else does Sundays Insurance offer? 

Sundays Insurance is a bicycle insurance company that offers bicycle insurance designed specifically with cyclists in mind. We’ll give you peace of mind by covering your bike when you’re out experiencing life. We cover a large range of bicycles, from e-bikes to TT bikes, road bikes to folding bikes. Unlike most homeowners and renters insurance, our coverage includes bicycle theft at home or away from home and malicious or accidental damage to your bike. We cover domestic travel with your bike and offer global coverage for up to 90 days as an optional extra. With Sundays Insurance, you also have the option to add racing & event, accessories and additional wheelset coverage. Not insured with us yet? 

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