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Our Favourite Halloween Costumes for Cyclists

Tyler Freewheel
Oct 29, 2021
Cyclists in Halloween outfitsCyclists in Halloween outfits

Fun Halloween Costumes Made for Cyclists (and Their Bikes)

It’s finally the spooky season! Around this time in 2020, we were only just beginning to see the light after lockdown restrictions and cancelled events, so for many of us, this will be the first Halloween we’re celebrating in almost two years.

As a cyclist, it’s easy to throw on your favourite jersey and helmet and go as, well, a cyclist. But the pent-up energy of skipping Halloween 2020 can only mean one thing: It’s time to go all-out!

Here’s our list of the spookiest, silliest and all-round most fun outfits for you, your kids, and even your trusty bicycle this Halloween.

Stranger Things 

A quiet street is the ideal backdrop for a Stranger Things-themed Halloween photoshoot.

A quiet street is the ideal backdrop for a Stranger Things-themed Halloween photoshoot.

Is there anything more iconic than the scenes of Mike, Dustin and Lucas riding their bicycles down the street of their sleepy neighborhood? 

Their youthful sense of freedom and wonder perfectly captures what so many people love about cycling. Better yet - the cast features both adults and kids of all ages, so it’s perfect for a coordinated family dress-up. 

Bonus points if you’re of the age where you already have 80s clothing in the back of your closet! But if not, a trucker cap, graphic t-shirt, and high-waisted jeans will get you the quintessential retro look without needing to dish out tons of cash.

If you want to level up your outfit with all-out 80s nostalgia, you can even get a Netflix-approved limited edition BMX bike modeled on the one Lucas Sinclair rides in the third season of the show.


Sticking with the 80s film theme, who didn’t feel an incredible sense of awe the first time they watched the world’s most beloved extraterrestrial ride to the moon?

Getting a full E.T. outfit may be a little tricky, unless your local Halloween store stocks it or you’re out-of-this-world crafty, but you can always make the outfit easier to recreate by dressing up as Elliot (a simple red hoodie and jeans will suffice) and carrying around a plushie E.T. accessory. 

This outfit is taken from the memorable scene where Elliot uses E.T’s powers to fly into the sky for the first time, so even those who are too young to have watched the film when it came out in 1982 are sure to recognize one of the most famous scenes in cinematic history.

A Ghost

If you’re looking for a low-effort Halloween outfit, this is about as simple as it gets. Simply cut two eye-holes in a white sheet and voila - that’s it! 

While this classic outfit is perfect for walking through your neighborhood trick or treating, it really comes to life when you hop on your bike and let your ghostly sheets blow in the wind. 

Just make sure your eye holes are firmly in the right place (it’s a good idea to put your helmet over the sheet instead of under it) and make sure your sheet isn’t too long. Your Halloween will go from spooky to ghastly in two seconds flat if you get your sheet caught in your chain or wheel. 

For this reason, this costume isn’t ideal for kids, but if you’re an adult joining in on the festivities, there’s nothing better (or easier).

Thing 1 & Thing 2

The famous Dr. Seuss characters are perfect for mom and dad taking the kids out trick or treating. All you need are bright blue wigs, red jumpsuits, and pieces of paper that you can write “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” on and pin to the front of your outfit. 

Want to take this outfit to the next level? Rent a tandem bike and let the Dr. Seussian silliness begin!

A Classic Witch

Along with getting to dress up as a witch, this costume also gives you the opportunity to decorate your bicycle. 

You can go as wild as you want with this - including fake spider webs, a jack-o-lantern in your bicycle basket, and you can even tie a broomstick to your seat shaft (make sure you secure it tightly, or you’ll end up lugging a broomstick around with you all night).

Like with the ghost outfit, make sure you aren’t wearing a cape or dress that’s too long or you risk getting it stuck in your wheel or chain. Witches are meant to fly, but a bicycle crash probably isn’t what you had in mind.


This one is for the kids so you’d technically be the chauffeur rather than Cinderella herself (unless you can fit into a small bicycle trailer). 

Hook your children’s cargo trailer to your bicycle and decorate it like a pumpkin or carriage so your little one can be the belle of the ball when they emerge. For your outfit, you simply need smart black pants, a white button-up shirt, and a chauffeur hat.

Remember, your child is only safe in a cargo trailer if they’re properly strapped in. An evening filled with excitement and tons to see and do might make it tricky to get them to settle in, so make sure you’re clear on the rules beforehand. While a Halloween duo costume is adorable, safety should always come first.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is the perfect time to level up your safety with showstopping lights.

Halloween is the perfect time to level up your safety with showstopping lights.

  • If you’re trick or treating at night, make sure you have reflective tags or tape on your outfit, especially if you’re wearing a dark color.
  • Ensure you can spot your child by securing something you’ll recognize to their outfit. Kids will be dressed up as all sorts of goblins and ghouls which may make it hard for you to find your little one if you get separated from them.
  • Depending on how excited your neighborhood gets for Halloween, the roads might be bustling with cyclists and pedestrians (many of them kids). Make sure to keep an eye out for them, because they may be too distracted to notice you.
  • Even if your outfit is over-the-top, you may want to tone it down for the little ones. Costumes with long capes or wayward decorations can be a tripping or entanglement hazard.
  • Hats, glasses, decorative contact lenses, and masks can all block your vision if they become displaced, so ensure they’re on securely. If something slips out of place, pull over and correct it rather than trying to fix it while you ride.
  • Figuring out how to wear a helmet and Halloween costume can be tricky but if you can’t manage to secure both, always choose the helmet.
  • Many states classify a bicycle as a vehicle when it comes to drinking and driving, so if you’re attending a Halloween party, make sure you stay within the legal limit if you intend to ride home afterward.
  • If you’re participating in an organized Halloween cycling event, we’ve got you covered. Sign up with Sundays Insurance and select our optional racing & events coverage and your bicycle will be insured if you incur accidental damage during the festivities.

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