Christmas Gift Ideas for the cyclists in your life

Katie Ridehart
Apr 13, 2023
Woman laughing with a white t-shirt on featuring a bicycleWoman laughing with a white t-shirt on featuring a bicycle

Whilst cyclists might be notoriously fussy people when it comes to kit and gear, shopping for Christmas gifts for these individuals is easier than you think.  

We’ve curated a list of items to make the cyclists in your life happier than ever this holiday season. 

Gifts under $20

  • Socks. It’s true that no Christmas is complete until you’ve received a pair of socks. As a cyclist, you can never have enough. Whether they’re casual socks with bicycles on or active socks for cycling, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

Check out Ridge Supply’s range here

  • Spares. If you’re looking for a little something to fill Christmas stockings with, spares are always appreciated. CO2 canisters, spare tubes, tyre levers, chain lube, bike wash, there’s a long list. Pop into a bike shop near you and ask them what to get. 

Gifts under $50 

  • Fun cycling merch. Cyclists love things that feature bikes. Check out these fun mugs, tees and posters from cartoonist Tegan Phillips about some of the most relatable cycling realities.

Check out her mech here

  • Gloves. Have a friend that loves shredding? A cool set of gloves is a must-have! Handup gloves make some of the coolest, funkiest gloves out there. Their range includes full and short finger, winter and summer gloves that make the ideal cyclist stocking filler. 

Check them out here

Gifts under $100

  • Bicycle Insurance. The one thing that most cyclists love just slightly less than their families are their bicycles. With Sundays Insurance, you can protect their prized possession against theft, accidental damage and more. Why not give them the gift of an insured bicycle?

Check out our insurance options here

  • A new helmet. Since we’re talking safety already, why not get your bike-riding friend or family member that new helmet that they’ve been dreaming of? 

Check out Kask’s complete range here

Gifts with an unlimited budget

  • If budget isn’t an issue, then why not get the cyclist in your life a new pair of kicks? Even better, get them a pair of shoes that they can wear on the bike or to the office. Quoc makes a wide range of cycling shoes, including several casual-looking shoes that can accommodate cleats underneath. Fantastic for commuters and more serious cyclists alike. The perfect multi-use shoe.

Check them out here

  • Visibility on the road is always important and even more so at this time of year, as the daylight hours get shorter and Garmin answers all your worries. The Varia range has you covered. This small compact light offers up to 16 hrs of battery life and is visible from up to 1 mile away. The Varia’s best feature is its radar which alerts you of vehicles approaching from up to 153 yards away. The top-of-the-range Varia even has a built-in rear camera for added protection on the road.

Check them out here

All in all, cyclists aren’t as difficult to buy gifts for as people think and there are a host of great gift options available at various different price points. If you’re still stuck with what to give them, let them go for a ride, as long as they want, when they want. There’s no rider in the world that won’t be happy with that.

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