What’s your favourite ‘brew’?

Cycling and coffee are two of our favourite words beginning with “C” at Sundays Insurance HQ!

So, why is it that coffee stops have become integrated in our daily riding routines? Is it because we secretly need a break from chasing our friends on our morning rides or is it because we need a reward for tackling that last hill repeat or maybe it’s because as cyclists we secretly have an addiction to coffee!

The guys with young kids will secretly acknowledge (although don’t tell their wives) that a coffee stops give them a bit of extra ‘me time’ before they have to get back into the swings of reality…

Whatever the reason may be, there are probably only a handful of fellow cyclists who don’t have a passion for their morning coffee brew.

Cycling and coffee have a very strong relationship, but is there any science behind it? It’s time for us to pop on our mythbuster hats and do some investigating.

We searched high and low, looking for the best research on the topic we could find–the internet is flooded with plenty  of articles and posts on the performance benefits caffeine has on athletes.

Here are two articles that go into depth on why coffee is important and most importantly give us a reason to ensure there is more ‘cafe time’ on our rides!

What are the benefits of caffeine for cyclists?

Coffee and cycling: what you need to know

In short, coffee (well the caffeine) has been proven to play a positive role in increasing a cyclist’s performance—making you more alert, giving you an energy boost, increasing blood flow to your muscles and providing you with a reward (your light at the end of the tunnel)  when you are deep in the hurt box.

Oh and for the coffee addicts out there there is more good news! Coffee plays a pivotal role in recovery as it helps to replenish your glycogen stores! So be sure to enjoy a cup or two with your favourite recovery snack.

So make time for ‘cafe time’ on your rides, coffee is more than just for social gatherings…science is on our side this time!

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