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This weeks top pro tweets!

You will be amazed by some of the things that you find on social media! From bad quotes, to cycling tips and tricks that swear they will make you faster in 3 steps, to advertising and words of wisdom from some of the pros in the peloton. Every now and then we will share a few gems which stood out from the crowd.

Caught in the act! Memories are special, so it’s important that you keep a record of your experiences.

A lot can change in a year! We wish Richie all the best for the Tour de France and look forward to seeing him battle it out in the high mountains for GC honours.

Definitely a crowd favourite at the Tour de France. Having already won 2 stages and having given his team, BORA – hansgrohe, their first yellow jersey at the tour, we know that the world champion is on the hunt for more!

If you have been watching the tour this week you may have seen the monumental effort that Lawson Craddock has put in. He came down very hard during stage 1 and many others would have called it quits. However Lawson continues and is growing stronger by the day, riding with a broken scapula can’t be comfortable but he displaying phenomenal mental strength and drawing on the messages of encouragement from his fans.

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