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The Weekly Mash up! 8 June 2018

The team at Sundays are cycling fanatics and love staying up to date with the latest news in the world of cycling! Each week, we plan to cover a couple of articles that have popped up on their radars…if you would like us to investigate a specific topic let us know, and should you wish to be featured in our weekly “mash up” of all things cycling, tag us on social media with your favourite read!

Earlier in the week we shared a post from Cycling tips on our social media pages.This caught our attention, because the title of the article contained the words “Dirty Kanza”. If you haven’t heard these words before and you are looking for an adventure, then you should read this article and check out the Dirty Kanza website.

Dirty Kanza, now regarded as one of the premier gravel races in the world, started way back in 2006 when gravel grinder was very much in its infancy! Gravel races and Grand Fondos continue to grow in popularity, but the DK200 offers riders a unique experience. A 200 mile (322km) unique experience to be precise, that’s a long way to pilot a bicycle.

DK 200 what a ride

Having read a bit about the DK200, it definitely makes it onto our bucket list! We visited their facebook page and really enjoyed their “mission” statement… “The mission of the Dirty Kanza 200 is to provide the ultra-endurance cycling community with a high quality event at an exceptional value. The event will be structured in such a way to be extremely challenging, but at the same time possible to complete. We will strive to effectively utilize the ruggedness and remoteness of the Flint Hills region to properly challenge the self-sufficiency of event participants, while at the same time provide an appropriate level of support, to ensure an enjoyable, life-enriching cycling experience.”

It’s been 10 full days since the end of the first Grand Tour of 2018, the Giro definitely didn’t disappoint! With all the other happenings in the cycling world one would have thought that the cycling fraternity would have moved on from Froome’s phenomenal performance which turned the race “on its head” with only a couple of stages remaining. His ride continues to make headlines, one of the latest articles features an insight from the big boss at Team Sky, Dave Brailsford, on the moment they knew that they had a chance at winning the race!

Froome and the GIro2018

The “moment” we are talking about happened on stage 18! Simon Yates battled to respond to an attack from Tom Dumoulin, during the closing stages of the stage and this set Team Sky on high alert – arguably positioning their tactics for what transpired on stage 19.

Professional cyclists, especially GC contenders, often have very good poker faces! As a spectator, it’s clear how we all may have missed Yates’ little mishap…but to a seasoned professional and expert like Brailsford, the smallest indication of weakness was like “waving a red flag to a bull!”.

The rest is history and if you watched stage 19 of the Giro, you witnessed history in the making. Read or listen to the full interview from Brailsford here, which details the preparations and execution of one of the best rides we have seen in recent times!

That’s a wrap for this week–a little bit of history and planting the seed for a future adventure!

Enjoy the ride. Ciao

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