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The Weekly Mash up! 22 June 2018

The team at Sundays are cycling fanatics and love staying up to date with the latest news and gadgets in the world of cycling! Each week, we will cover a couple of articles that have popped up on our radars…if you would like us to investigate a specific topic let us know!

This week we take a look at everything from the latest gadgets, creative bicycle storage options, silly cycling mistakes to checking out how good your balance is on the bicycle!

Are you a cyclists who loves gadgets and has to have the latest gear? If you are then you are going love this read!  If you aren’t, we suggest you read it anyway because you may find something in the 31 gadgets that are discussed which may change your riding forever! Covering everything from lights,  glow in the dark paint that increases your visibility for those early morning rides to bicycle bags for commuters. Our favourite gadget was this retro saddle bag created by Walnut Studiolo, turning back the clock and reminding us of bicycles with simple clean lines!

We stumbled across this article which features some of the silly things that people get up to on their bikes, some end up with a few very embarrassed cyclists. Dr Hutch, delivered a few “goodies” this week! Read the full piece here.

These silly experiences made us think about some of the most embarrassing things that have happened to us while we have been out on our bikes. One event in particular stood out, it happened when we were out on a group ride. The debacle occurred at an intersection next to a construction site, so there were plenty of witnesses and construction workers to enjoy a good laugh at our friend Elvin’s expense! We all cruised up to the intersection and came to a stop unclipping our cleats, well all of us except Elvin…he came to a stop and in slow motion toppled over, just like a tree being felled! He hit the deck hard and there was plenty of hysteria. Lesson learnt, Elvin now remembers to unclip his cleats when he stops at an intersection.

Struggling to find a place to store your bicycle(s) at home? Here are a few creative ideas to make it less of a hassle, you may even find that there is a way to incorporate your bike into your furniture arrangement! We enjoy the creative use of spaces and think that having a bicycle in the room makes it that much better…after all we are cycling fanatics.

We don’t advise trying this stunt at home! It’s good to practice balancing on your bike, but this takes things to new heights, quite literally.

Thats a wrap for this week, enjoy the rides this weekend.



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