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The Weekly Mash up! 20 July 2018

The team at Sundays Insurance are cycling fanatics and love staying up to date with the latest news and gadgets in the world of cycling! This week, we look at bike packing, how power meters have changed the way we train and see if we can categorise ourselves according to the standard 17 categorisations of cyclists. Each week we cover a couple of articles that have popped up on our radars…if you would like us to investigate a specific topic let us know!

Packing for your next cycling adventure?

It’s time for the weekend and that means it’s time for an adventure, it doesn’t have to involve a bicycle but the best adventures often do.

Packing your bicycle correctly is an art.  You need to make sure that the bike is balanced correctly so that you stay upright on the trail. How you pack it also depends on the type and length of adventure on the horizon. There are many factors which can influence the way you pack your bike and a lot of it will come down to personal preference. We found a great bike packing site which walks you through bike packing 101, check it out here.

Bike touring is growing in popularity, some call it the ultimate adventure…setting off with everything that you need on your bicycle. Where does one start and how can you get involved? If you are keen to venture out on an adventure we have found a great article on how to turn a vintage “junker” bicycle into the ultimate touring machine! With a few of the team having read this article, our offices were a buzz with route planning for the next cycling adventure!

What type of cyclist are you?

Most cyclists are quite particular and have their own way of doing things. We all have one thing in common though, we love our bicycles!

This week we read an article about the “The 17 Types of Cyclists Everyone Knows”. We had a few laughs in the office as we were able to match at least 9 of these cycling personalities to people that we interact with on a daily basis. We won’t disclose who they are but here are a few of our favourites: the Trainiac, the Strava Junkie, the Yo-Yo (we won’t disclose who actually threw up), the Hippie, the Hammerhead, the Fashionista, the She-devil, and the Seasoned Ex-pro. Clearly, the Sundays Insurance crew are a diverse and colourful bunch who truly love everything to do with bicycles.

Read the full article, here and see how many of your riding partners you can categorise!

How do you train?

Cycling has become increasingly scientific over the last couple of years and with that the style of training has changed.  In the past, becoming the best cyclists you could be, was related to the number of hours that you spent in the saddle, and big mileage was the secret ingredient.

This has changed with the introduction of power meters and other forms of monitoring which enable cyclists to rather focus on quality over quantity, achieving the same and arguably better results while spending less time in the saddle.

The team from Cycling Weekly explore the change in training methods, read the full story here.

We are keen to hear which training method you prefer and if you use the data available to you to enhance your training efforts.

Ready for the weekend?

Enough analytics and science!  It’s time for the weekend and that means more time on bicycles! Here are some crazy skills from Danny MacAskill to ease you into the weekend.

A little bit of motivation to plan a cycling adventure? Check out the Outskirts film from Rapha. “Earlier this year four riders tackled one great American highway, Route 66. Covering 4,000km in 24 days they filmed the towns they visited, the people they met, and the roads they explored. The “Outskirts Route 66”, is a phenomenal story which highlights how a bicycle is so much more than just a frame and two wheels.

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