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The Weekly Mash up! 01 June 2018

The team at Sundays are cycling fanatics and love staying up to date with the latest news in the world of cycling! Each week, we will cover a couple of articles that have popped up on their radars…if you want us to investigate a specific topic let us know and should you wish to be featured in our weekly “mash up” of all things cycling, tag us on social media with your favourite read!

It’s important to keep well fed when you on the bike in order to avoid the dreaded “bonk” and have to crawl home. With this in mind we really enjoyed this new piece of cycling innovation, offering the solution to a cyclists question of “where do I store my bananas”?

Your ultimate bottle cage

On the one hand it’s pretty absurd and may have you on the floor with laughter. But at the same time it is addressing a very real need and if you enjoy keeping the pockets of your jersey free, then this is the bottle cage of your dreams. Check it out here and you will be pleased to know that there is even a 3D print available as a gift from one cyclist to another so that you can make one of your own!

We know that making your bike lighter can make you faster on the climbs, but would you wear carbon fiber socks to shave off those extra grams? We will let you deicide this for yourself after reading this article

Defeet carbon socks.

We found it fascinating and are amazed at the lengths cycling is going to achieve marginal gains! The technology that goes into every single aspect of this sport continues to keep it interesting, although it does leave some scratching their heads. People are always flabbergasted with a cyclist’s (some more than others, Grant from our office is a bit of a weight weenie) obsession with weight, but if you look at Froome’s Giro performance it does make a significant difference when you are in the saddle for that length of time. If you are racing for 89 hours and you are able to gain 0.1% in efficiency (and a reduction in weight equates to this) this means that Froome would’ve been 5 mins and 20 seconds faster over the 3 weeks of racing (Yes, we’ve run the numbers, we are cycling nerds after all). The difference between winning or losing a Grand Tour can come down to marginal gains, so pick your socks carefully!

That’s a wrap for this week, enjoy the time on the bike over the weekend! Keep it rubber side down!

Till next week, ciao.

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