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The Sundays Insurance catch up! 

It’s time for the weekend! Load up the bicycles and lets ride!

It’s been a busy week at the Sundays Insurance headquarters and the team are looking forward to spending some time on their bicycles over the weekend.  We are going to be changing our weekly updates up a bit.

There is a lot going on in the world of cycling. Keeping up with the latest technology, races and bicycle releases is a challenge… fitting it into one weekly wrap up is an even bigger one. Our team are cycling mad and find greats reads which we share on our social media accounts on a daily basis! To stay up to date with everything cycling related, follow the Sundays Insurance Twitter or Facebook pages.

Our weekly review is going to focus on 3 interesting pieces which we have read during the week, featuring different cycling disciplines and adventures from around the globe. One of our favourite things is hearing new stories of where bikes have taken people, so if you would like us to feature a story on your cycling adventure, get in touch with us!

This week we kick off with an article that challenges you to consider commuting to work. Exercise has many health benefits and is a great stress reliever, but it often takes a back seat when things get busy at the office. So how can you fit it into your daily routine so that you don’t push it down the list when things get busy? The answer lies in cycling to work! Sure, there are many things which you have to consider, before you jump on your bicycle and ride to work.  The bottom line is that if it is possible you should seriously consider it. Read this piece from Red Bull, Why running or cycling to work boosts your mental health, to learn more about the benefits of commuting.

Everyone has a different reason for why they ride a bicycle. For some people it’s a stress reliever and a way to keep fit, for others the competitive element of racing is the main attraction. What gadget do you use to track your rides or do you just ride to feel free and let the time take care of itself?

Strava recently released their latest Summit feature. Strava is ready to help athletes achieve their goals, through selecting a membership package that is best suited to your needs. Check out Strava Summit here, get your training buddies involved, too, so that you can compare times and compare rankings on the leader board. Strava isn’t only for the competitive cyclists, their premium packages also offer great perks to make sure that your cycling needs are taken care of.

Strava also provides you with different options to map your ride, an extremely useful feature if you are a cyclist who is planning your next adventure. You can see what routes people have taken if you are not familiar with the area or map a route out for yourself.

There are a few keen adventurers in the Sundays Insurance team who are always on the lookout for an excuse to go bike packing or a new route to explore. This week we found an article on the Cycling Tips site about riding through  the heart of Central Asia, a route called the “Pamir Highway”. Reading this piece, it certainly awakens your inner adventure-seeking spirit! A bicycle has the ability to provide you with many memories and when you read about a cycling journey like this, you are reminded how special bicycles are. Read the “Pamir Highway” and awaken the adventurer with in you.

On that note it’s time for the weekend! Time for an adventure and who knows, maybe next week could be the week that you start commuting to the office!

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