Sundays Week Mash up! 11 May 2018

The team at Sundays are cycling fanatics and love staying up to date with the latest news in the world of cycling! Each week, we will cover a couple of articles that have popped up on their radars…if you want us to investigate a specific topic let us know and should you wish to be featured in our weekly “mash up” of all things cycling, tag us on social media with your favourite read!

This week the team looked at tips to give you a few extra watts, some of the new ‘bike tech’ that was released at the Sea Otter Classic a couple of weeks back (it’s not every day that a gravel bike with a rear shock hits the market) and the start of the Amgen Tour of California.

Are you keen to take your riding to the next level? Here’s a tip that could help, incorporate some weight training into your weekly routine–it’s a great alternative when the weather takes a turn for the worst and will add those extra watts that you have been searching for. The team from bicycling explain,

“Long gone are the days when cyclists eschewed strength training because they were afraid to make a little muscle. Today’s riders know that the right off-the-bike resistance training can improve your watts without weighing you down.” It’s time to step up to the next level, get a full break down of the strength training here.

It’s not every day that you see a gravel bike with a rear shock! Yes, you read that right. Niner are at it again, producing innovative bicycles and testing your imagination with their latest Niner MCR Prototype Bike. With gravel riding becoming increasingly popular and Canyon releasing their latest gravel bike earlier this year with a ‘hover bar’, Niner are pushing the boundaries a little further with this bike and it is going to be interesting to see where this road leads. Check out the full review here.

(Cycling tips capturing a cracking moment at the start of the Amgen Tour of California 2018)

A few pro cyclists have descended on California, to test their surfing talents… just joking. It’s the start of this years edition of the Amgen Tour of California, there may be surfboards in the photos…but once the racing kicks off on Sunday it will be all business! Many of the big name riders use this race as a key part of their Le Tour de France preparations. It sure promises to produce some enthralling racing! Catch all that you need to know, here.

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