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There’s really only one place to go when it comes to activity tracking, the ever trustworthy Strava. Ride maps, distances, speed, power data, leader boards and connection to the wider cycling community, Strava has it all. With Sundays Insurance the list doesn’t stop there, as you have access to even more perks. If you’re a Strava user making use of Strava’s paid membership, you would be happy to know there are several free Strava perks that you can benefit from once activated.

Device Damage 

Obviously, Strava needs a GPS enabled device to run off when you’re doing your activity. Whether that’s a bike computer, a smartwatch or your phone, if you leave the house without at least one of them tracking, does your exercise even count? 

Accidents do happen, however. Maybe you have taken a tumble and your phone screen has cracked, or you have damaged your GPS computer in a collision with another road user. Either way, it’s sure to ruin your ride (plus you were just about to get that QOM/KOM).

Don’t worry, as a Strava Perks member you can recoup up to $600 for a device that sustains damage while tracking your activity. We’ll cover the cost of repair or replacement to the affected device (whichever costs less)where your device is damaged as a result of an accident while using your bicycle  – so you can stop worrying about your gadgets and get back to the matter in hand.

Cab fare

Picture this. You’re halfway through your ride, pretty much in the middle of nowhere and out of the blue you get a ride-ending mechanical. Left at the side of the road you start scrambling through your address book trying to cash in favors for a ride back home. Eventually, you bite the bullet and just call the cab company. With the fare plus that mid-ride coffee, suddenly your awesome Sunday ride has become quite pricey. However, as a Strava Perks member, you can claim back on your recovery cab for fares paid up to $50, so you can get you and your ride home with peace of mind.

Running Entry Fee

We know how much hard work and dedication you put into your multi-discipline exercise program. However, we also know – better than most – that accidents and bad luck do happen and sometimes no matter how much you want something, illness or injury can get in the way of your running aspirations. Running event entry fees can be substantial sums of money, particularly for the larger events in your calendar, and missing such an event due to an unforeseen illness or injury, can often leave you out of pocket. Fear not, with our perk we will reimburse up to $100 off your running event entry fee. Fix up and use the money on the next race – we’ll see you on the start line.

There’s no denying that Strava has changed the landscape of cycling and endurance sport irrevocably for the better. It’s an amazing free tool that offers beginners a way to see their progress ride-after-ride while delivering deeper insights to those riders with performance aspirations through its premium model. 

Naturally, we are delighted to be partnering with such an incredible brand – and look forward to supporting our Strava-using customers on every ride they take.

Have Strava premium and want to activate your perks? Click here. Don’t have a Sundays Insurance policy yet? Get a quote today.

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