Grab your bicycle and cycle to work

It’s cycle to work day in the UK and it was great to have an official reason to ride our bicycles to the office this morning. Did you also join the UK’s biggest cycle community event? Cycling means different things to different people, whether you ride for pure enjoyment, to keep fit, to race or to ride to work, today is all about celebrating everything that a bicycle is.

A bicycle and riding one brings a great amount of joy to the rider and has numerous benefits. From increasing your fitness levels, to improving your overall health, it can even improve your social skills. There are many positives and you are bound to find a couple more once you start riding. The team from Cycling Weekly put together an article on the 15 benefits of cycling: read the full article here and check out our favourites below.

  • Cycling gives the excuse to enjoy a second breakfast and some of your favourite snacks during the day. Although a reminder that consuming all things in moderation is the often the best way to monitor your favourite sweet treats.
  • Cycling is low impact. Your joints will thank you for spending more time riding your bicycle than running. Running is weight-bearing and you put a lot of stress on your body’s joints, which potentially can lead to an increased chance of injury. When you cycle, the bike carries your weight and your exercise is concentrated on moving your joints and making your muscles work.
  • Improve your navigational skills while riding a bicycle. You may need to use your bicycle computer to help you navigate around the route the first time you ride it. But once you have ridden the route a couple of times your will be able to find your way, using recognised landmarks. Cycling is a good way to explore your town, city or district. Cycling around your local neighbourhood will provide you with a better sense of direction and may introduce you to a secret coffee shop or two.

Along with the improved health benefits, commuting to work by bicycle is full of advantages, from saving money to skipping traffic. It allows you to prepare for the day ahead of you and focuses your mind and putting  you in a good mood before you step through the door at the office.

Cycling isn’t only for the racing snakes and people who enjoy the thrill that competition provides. There are plenty of reasons and benefits to get out on a bicycle and enjoy the wind in your hair. So make a habit of it and use #Cycletoworkday as a springboard to start cycling. 

There are some great initiatives and incentives to get you on a bicycle for the day, from promotional offers and specials to great prizes. It’s time to get involved and start riding a bicycle. Enjoy #Cycletoworkday and we might see you out on your bicycle on our way home.

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