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Cycling TLC

Everyone enjoys a bit of tender love and care from time to time. Bicycles are the same – and you can notice the difference when you ride a clean and well-maintained bike. The gears shift smoothly, the crank arm turns well and your bicycle feels fast. Servicing a bicycle regularly can save you in the long run, it’s not just a bicycle shop myth or a money-making catch phrase.

Just like bicycles enjoy and run better once they have had some TLC from the mechanics at the bike shop, it’s important to make sure that your needs as a cyclist are taken care of to allow you to fully enjoy your time spent on the bike.

By giving yourself some cycling TLC, you take care of your needs as a cyclist. From booking your bicycle in for its next service (so that you can get rid of that squeaking bottom bracket, for example) to buying yourself the right rain jacket for the winter season and ensuring that you are covered and prepared to deal with any unforeseen events that may arise from cycling.

As cyclists we often spend hours trying to figure out what is causing our brakes to rub or trying to find the squeaking noise that we can’t get rid of and has driven us mad on our long ride over the weekend. What if we spent some of this energy on making sure that we were prepared for things that we can’t control?

We don’t like to think about all the risks of cycling. The reality is that we should; we don’t necessarily need to think about them 24/7, but we can prepare for them. Part of this preparation involves planning. In much the same way as you book your bicycle in for a service, you can plan and personalise your cycling insurance. This means having the appropriate cover for you and bicycle.

Here are a few tips to give yourself some cycling TLC:

  • Disc brake maintenance—the stopping power of your brakes improves your riding confidence on the road. Make sure they are in peak condition.

  • Wash your bicycle, the proper way… no shortcuts. It’s a great way to get a few extra watts in your legs. A clean bike is a fast bike

  • Make sure you have the best cycling insurance in place to cover your cycling needs. Keep in mind that simply listing your bicycle on your home owner’s policy may not provide you with the appropriate cover for a cyclist. Visit our websiteand chose the cycling insurance best suited for you cycling needs.

TLC is important and not just for your bicycle. Take the time to plan, prepare and focus on your needs as a cyclist. It’s a decision that you will be thankful for should anything outside of your control happen to you or your bike

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