A review of the Greyt Escape MTB race!

We all love a bit of adventure and a three day MTB stage race provides the ideal opportunity for you to pop out of the hustle and bustle of working life! Taking a break and clearing your head by spending time on the trials…not worrying about the next deadline you have to meet but purely if you have chosen the quickest line in the single track or not to lose your partner’s wheel!

Over the weekend one of our team members went on their own little adventure in South Africa and pinned on a racing number at the Greyt Escape MTB stage race in Greyton. Greyton is a small town well known for its good food, wines, beers and mountain vistas in the Western Cape. It also has some superb mountain bike trails that were built for the Cape Epic a couple of years back when the race was used as one of the stopovers and a race village.

Greyt escape MTB race, wheelie wednesday
Picture credit to Oak Pics, visit their site for more great images http://www.oakpics.co.za

Here’s a quick overview of what the Greyt escape had in store for those who braved the Western Cape’s winter rainfall! 3 days of traversing the climbs and single tracks in the Greyton hills. The race consisted of 3 stages, all between 40 and 65 km with a fair amount of climbing in a short space of time… but you know what they say, “what goes up must come down” and for traill fanatics, like the majority of the Sundays Insurance crew, this means BIG smiles. The much needed winter rains added another dimension to navigating the trail and day one saw everyone breathe a sigh of relief when they crossed the finished line back in town.

Day 2 and 3 were far more enjoyable, largely due to being rain free but also because the participants were on an adventure and just enjoying riding their bicycles with their mates on amazing trails!

If you are planning a trip to South Africa and enjoy riding a bicycle, see if it’s possible to tie it in with one of the many stage races that are on the calendar in this cycling fanatic  country.

Bicycles make you smile! Greyt escape MTB race
Picture credit to Oak Pics, visit their site for more great images http://www.oakpics.co.za
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