“A picture is worth a thousand words”

It really is! A photograph can really encapsulate a memory and can take you back to that very place (sights, smells, emotions) when you look back at in a couple of years. If only we were lucky enough to all have a photographic memory!

Fortunately for us, there are some very talented sport photographers in the world and they have managed to capture unique moments, emotions and history in the making. Being in the right place at the right time and sometimes getting a snap that hasn’t made it onto the TV coverage.

In the cycling world, Graham Watson is a photographer who has been around the block (more than once we might add). He hung up his camera in 2017, but prior to this he had been behind the lens for 45 years, of which 40 were spent getting some of the best shots that the cycling world has ever seen!

Have you heard of Graham’s work before? Well if you haven’t here’s a quick biography of the legend! He was born in London in 1956, his love and skill for photography was first recognised when he won a prize in a competition, organised by the British cycling weekly during the 1977 during the Tour de France, for the best ‘small photographer’ photo. Fast forward a couple of years and Graham’s clientele (which included a number of top cyclists of that era and the UCI) had grown and he was traveling all over Europe to cover cycling races. In 1987, he followed the Tour de France for the first time on the back of a motorbike and captured the race from a unique perspective!

His career behind the lens was certainly special and bought with it many highlights/milestones. Graham founded ‘Ciclismo a Fondo’ early in his career in Spain, he covered 7 Olympic games from 1992 to Rio in 2016, numerous Grand Tours and one day classics, co-authored over 20 books and has been featured in the “Eyes on the Tour de France” exhibition 3 times.

Grahams recognition in the “Eyes on the Tour de France” exhibition in 2014 speaks volumes of the quality of his photographs and the memories they encapsulated over a career that had started 37 years earlier in 1977. His love for cycling and everything that goes with it was phenomenal and the peloton will sure miss him this year.

The team at Cycling Tips, recently featured an article with some of the Graham’s best photos captured through his career. A fitting tribute to Graham’s contribution for capturing some of cycling’s greatest and most historic moments. We salute you Mr Watson and thank you!

PS To all you cycling fanatics…next time you are out on your bike or watching a race take a snap and encapsulate your memories.

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